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DIY artwork research

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The resources included here are relevant to my area of study; artwork created in North America, Europe and England.  The International Society of Appraisers has members who study a diverse range of art, antiques, and collectibles.  You can browse members of the Canadian chapter by specialty, follow this link.

european painters

Artists - European

A timeline of major painters working in Europe from c. 1200 to c. 1850. Link here.

tate art terms


A nicely designed & easy to navigate glossary of art terms, with examples from the Tate collections. Link here.

research the sitter

Who is in the picture?

Library & Archives Canada offers a guide to family research, you can link to it here.

If the sitter was based in another country, look for a guide to resources offered there, such as this one at the U.S. National Archives, or this one at the British Library

a "Complete List"


Artcyclopedia is continually adding to this gargantuan list. It's a good starting off point, with many other search functions if you don't know the name of the artist. Link here.

in detail

Artwork care

Advanced artwork handling, storage, and display tips from the conservation program at the University of Delaware. Intended for visual artists, it’s great information for anyone wanting to give serious care to their artwork collection. Link here.

artists in canada

Artists - Canadian

A directory of visual artists working in Canada, searchable by region and type of artwork. The site also includes links to galleries, art events, and other resources. Link to the site here.

moma learning


There are several great art glossaries available on the web, this one from MoMA Learning at New York's Museum of Modern Art includes multiple examples of each term in-use. A terrific teaching aid. Link here.

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